YouTube Videos

My YouTube channel is a work in progress.  I am always too busy performing and giving it my all to remember to take videos.

This is an Indonesian-English song that I had a lot of fun being a part of!  I learned some Indonesian to learn to sing this original song.  I didn't write it, but singing it and making the video was a lot of fun!

This is a side project that I sang all the vocals on.  It was a different style of music so of course I was excited to be a part of it.  I didn't write this one but I love the lyrics.  I may have had more fun with all the background vocals and harmonizing with myself than the lead vocal line.

I did this song so long ago but it was the first time I sung in Italian. Another fun fact, I never practiced this song with my duet partner!  He was so confident in my abilities that he suggested the song and then told me we didn't need practice!  I had a fun time with this and would love to do it again.  I was in my favorite place in the world that sadly doesn't exist any more, Casa de Cafe in Yonkers, NY.

I used to sing this song a lot when I wasn't prepared to perform and I would be asked to perform on the fly.  This song was my favorite because of one of my huge influences Mahalia Jackson.  I sing it differently every time I sing it.  It connects me to all the pain I've been through in life, even though my mother is still here with me, some pain is so deep it makes you feel that way.