• Keesha-Angela Glass

Why sound check can make or break any performance

I think I am one of the only singers I know that would be just as happy running sound for a performance as I would be on the mic.

Sound is so important. I tell my vocal students that there are only two parts of singing: listening and breathing. When you are a singer you are supposed to bring something to the music to enhance it. And the only way to do that is to listen to the music. And the only way for your audience to hear what you are bringing to the music is if you have a great sound guy and a good sound check before the event begins. Levels are everything for me because I am a very diverse singer. There are times when I am low and there are times when I am singing in my highest register, then there are times when I sing soft, and there are times when I get so loud the mic is irrelevant.

Anyways, if you just look at me and think you know what you're in for, sound guy, you will be very confused, and working harder than ever. Sound check, one, two!!

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