about Kae


Kae has been singing for practically all her life.  If you let her mother tell the story, she used to sing even in her crib every morning, that's how she knew when Kae would wake.

Music is everything to Kae.  She enjoys her eccentricity and loves to wow the crowd with her enormous voice that can also be soft and smooth as silk.  

Kae's favorite style of music is Jazz, although when she sings she mostly sings old tunes from Stevie Wonder, and the like, mixed with top 30 chart hits.

Kae loves to sing with a variety of accompaniment.  She loves to sing with a full band but also performs with a piano or a guitar.  She loves all genres of music as a true entertainer who loves to keep the crowd happy.

Kae is one of those rare singers who believes her voice to be an instrument which makes her a musician.