Kae Glass


The Sound You Never Heard Before


Kae has been singing since the ripe old age of 3 years old. If you let her mother tell the story, even as a baby, every day she would wake up singing! Even though she doesn't look it that gives Kae over 30 years of singing experience. She started in the church leading songs that would have the congregation standing to their feet. Kae enjoys singing every genre of music in every capacity. Her career includes singing on stages in front of hundreds, and small private parties of 5. Kae's love for music keeps her singing in any capacity.

Kae is just starting to focus on presenting her original music on the digital stage on platforms that all her country-wide fans can enjoy. Lately, she has moved back to her roots in the Charleston, SC area singing with local musicians under the band name "Palmetto Soul". She enjoys collaborating with musicians of all genres and brings a little bit of everything to the music she spreads in her performances.

Kae's favorite genre of music has always been Jazz, and she enjoys doing classic Jazz sets whenever she gets the chance. Her fans have likened her to the greats, loving her ear for Jazz, and her "bending" talent for taking vocals to a whole new level, giving her audience an experience that they haven't heard before. Each time Kae sings a song she puts her signature unique styling on each note, even on a song she has sung a thousand times. This is why she sings with the most talented musicians she can find!

Concerts, recordings, videos, musicals, Kae has done it all and loves it all, and gives her heart and soul in every performance, which is why she loves the name "Ms Palmetto Soul" PS I love you. She loves her fans enough to give a top-notch performance every time. She loves the music enough to practice each day and perform in new ways. She loves what she does because it is a part of her soul.